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Authors: arh. George-Alexandru Dumitrescu, arh. Iulian Bădărău, arh. Bogdan Lazăr, arh. Dragoș Lazăr

Builder: Urban Spaces
Finisaje: IRColours, Vladila, Zoiss
Mobilier custom: SlenderTree
Echipamente electrice si de bucatarie : Jung/Unilux, Miele
Mobilier si lumini: BoConcept, Roche&Bobois, Kare, Gubi, Buster&Punch
Photo: Vlad Pătru
Photo: Vlad Pătru

Authors’ Comment

Located in a new collective housing building, in a historic central area of the city, where the layers of urban tissue specific to the stages of development overlap and visibly overlap, the apartment takes from the characteristics of the place and forms a collage together with the emotions and memories of the beneficiaries of styles, textures and atmospheres.

The living area takes the most of the character of the site, by projecting on a black curtain background, different finishes and materials such as painted metal, stainless steel, brass, exposed concrete, expanded or cut sheet metal, leather, textile mesh, herringbone parquet, etc. , with reference to different stages of development of the site but also to the industrial style initially desired by the beneficiaries, which ends up being concealed and diluted during the project.
The kitchen is separated from the living area by an island that takes on the decorative geometric motif used in the treatment of certain facades of the building, visible along the entire length of the terrace of the apartment. The beneficiaries' passion for coffee, cooking and cocktails generates a coffee-corner, a bar integrated into the library and a generously sized kitchen equipped with professional equipment.
The electrical circuits also become visible from the oversized electrical panel, to make way for the smart-home network, which offers the freedom of various scenarios that control lighting components, blinds/curtains, sound and temperature.

The night area consists of an office and a master bedroom, where the urban vibe gives way to different themes: the work-from-home office has a relaxed theme, referring to the atmosphere of the vacation spent in Hawaii, and the bedroom gets an easy-glam vibe, being the predominantly feminine area of the home, keeping at the same time the tropical theme of the office and the concrete finish, as an industrial reference in the living area.