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House I 64

House I 64

Authors: arh. Andreea Tomulescu
Firm: Parallel Project & Design

Profile decorative: Fabrica de profile
Photo: Vlad Creteanu
Mobilier: Royal life Design

Authors’ Comment

Name: Casa I 64
Office/ Design Company: PARALLEL PROJECT & DESIGN
Contributors: Photo: Vlad Creteanu, Decorative profiles: Fabrica de profile

The house is located in the northern part of the capital, having 5 rooms divided on two levels: 1 matrimonial bedroom; 2 children's bedrooms; living area; kitchen;

The living area and the master bedroom are on the ground floor, while the upper floor is dedicated to children, with two bedrooms.

From the beginning, the beneficiaries wanted the new home to be a relaxing and warm space for their family. The proposed concept consisted in creating a space with minimalist lines, but at the same time an elegant decor was desired.

The bright and comfortable spaces in the living area create a unique quality for the daily routine, while the upper floor has become a contrast, oriented towards study as well as rest.

Being an important room for the beneficiaries, the emphasis was on the living area, the meeting place for the whole family. Thus, the large glazing offers a strong connection with the exterior while the natural light highlights the elegant decorative plaster profiles, but also the pastel colors in the room.

For the kitchen the same minimalist lines were used, combined with elements of French decor. The furniture with glazed suspended shelves creates an airy space, taking into account the less generous dimensions of these rooms.

Also on the ground floor area, keeping the note of elegance and simplicity, there is the master bedroom. Here we opted for the use of the same decorative profiles along with furniture with warm color tones.

Going further upstairs, the children's rooms are an exception to the pastel colors in the rest of the arrangements, they are decorated with vivid materials and colors.

For one of the children's bedrooms, a practical furniture was created, easy to change for a future redevelopment. Both rooms provide intimate places for children, decorative elements that evoke the thought of nature, but also generous spaces for relaxation and play.