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Studio Plaza

Studio Plaza

Authors: arh. Claudia Motei

Authors’ Comment

This small 34 sqm studio apartment was intended to be a space suitable for rental. The main goal was to fully
optimize the space and create a harmonious but rich color experience that corresponds to the requirements of a contemporary lifestyle.

There were many limitations imposed by the small space and the partition walls, so in order to visually separate the bedroom or the laundry area and also to stay on budget, the humble curtain was used. The living room was subdivided into a living area and sleeping area, separated from the rest of the space by an opaque curtain, which meets the need for privacy. Also, in order for the living room to be freed from any massive storage space, a large floor-to-ceiling storage unit was placed at the entrance.

Materials and colors were an important part of how the apartment works and feels, surfaces and fabrics have been carefully chosen to draw the visitor in close, to create warmth and a sense of lightness. From a chromatic point of view, white is predominant, with the role of opening and amplifying the space, accentuated by the contrast with bold colors in the living room and with shades of black and gray in the bathroom and kitchen.