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Apartament L

Apartament L

Authors: arh. Claudia Motei

Authors’ Comment

The owners wanted a modern, warm and welcoming space for long-term rental. The project aimed to create storage spaces as efficient as possible and at the same time with a discreet presence. In the bedroom the storage area is inserted in a niche resulted from the intersection of the structural elements. The fronts of the furniture are the same color as the wall, thus creating a chromatic continuity.
In the living room, the chromatics of the space rely on pastel tones, highlighted by color accents. The materials and colors were an important part of the way the space works and feels, the surfaces and textiles were carefully chosen to create warmth and a feeling of lightness.
The kitchen walls were finished with pastel green highlighted by the complementary burgundy red tone of the vertical ceramic tiles and the warm shades of oak that can be found in the fronts of the furniture. The floor was finished with a neutral cement-like ceramic cladding. This continues in the entrance area where a long storage cabinet has been designed to cover the entire wall.
The bathroom has been designed in neutral shades of gray, with a storage cabinet covered entirely in mirror, that gives the feeling of doubling the space.