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Anable Aquarium, Queens social shell

Author: arch. Maria Margareta Mihat / DIIC INFORMATII PROFESIONALE SRL

Authors’ Comment

Inspiration for the design came from the shape created by shells scattered on the beach, to
generate an ensemble of buildings with the role of a social pole. The proposed route gradually
discovers the entire assembly.
Towards East River an area of sports activities is proposed: skate-park, cycling, climbing. The
terrace is arranged as the promenade area polarizing social intersection: A viewpoint of
Manhattan, a restaurant, picnic areas.
The course continues throughout the main building designed as iconic urban landmark, visible
from the East River and Manhattan. Built on three levels, it has an aquarium as the core
crossed by two transversal galleries; The first level gallery is pedestrian, going through an
aquarium with fish. On the upper level we have proposed a swimming pool crossing the
aquarium with sharks, at the end of which Manhattan is viewable. At night the building is
illuminated through a network of solar LED lights, giving the impression of a translucent body,
inviting to be discovered up close.
The ground floor serves as exhibition space for artists from Queens, through here one can
reach the two bodies that complement the functions of the ensemble: an interactive education
and research center and an aboveground parking building for cars and bicycles

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