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Extension of the Baths ensamble, Băile Govora

Extension of the Baths ensamble, Băile Govora

Authors: Ștefania Hîrleață

Tutor: Ștefan Simion
Inginer de structuri: Mădălin Coman
Technical coordinator: Petru Mortu

Authors’ Comment

The beginning of the Govora Spa is the balneary park itself, created just before the urban settlement per se. There are found the three main functions of a thermal city and the baths pavilion is one of them. For the particular situation of Govora, the rehabilitation of the spa resort would be a strategic step in the development of the city by reestablishing the medical function; the disappearance of this building would irrevocably affect local identity by losing typology, traditional treatment spaces and representativeness.
The Baths project aims at enriching the balneary ensemble of the establishment and the former Hotel no. 1 as a pendant of the park-city relationship, while aiming at the permeability of streams within the park A secondary role of this newly created enclosure would be the integration of the two existing buildings into a coherent ensemble to facilitate their use together.
The intervention consists of creating a perimeter portico of the inner courtyard, which opens the access in all four directions. The minerality of of the square in the heart of the park and the forest is a symbol of urban comfort that the thermal cities searched with vigor during the 19th century.

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