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ARTnEST – Performing Arts Center on Calea Victoriei

ARTnEST – Performing Arts Center on Calea Victoriei

Authors: Drăgnescu Andreea-Diana

Tutor: Moiceanu Marian, Dardari Yahia

Authors’ Comment

Considering both the rich history of the Calea Victoriei (Bucharest’s cultural axis) and the defining urban aspects, the intention of the proposal is reflected by the realization of an architectural object capable of propagating and enhancing the cultural specificity of the area. The aim of the diploma project, which focuses on the creation of a nest for artists and a flexible multifunctional room, aims to fit into the existing trend of development and diversification of the host spaces for performing arts.
The characteristic „pockets” of the street are taken up in the proposal creating a retreat suitable for the functioning of a public space - a space of rest and connection between Vernescu house and the multipurpose hall that opens to the street. Flexibility creates unlimited possibilities in the visual configuration and visual expression of the performance spaces, providing artists with great opportunities to attract contemporary audiences through innovative performances that can animate the urban context.

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