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Authors: Mihaela Plăcintă

Tutor: Conf. Dr. Arh. Melania Dulamea
Sef. Lucr. Dr. Arh. Alexandru Calin

Authors’ Comment

Nearly a century after its opening, the food market of Mercat del Ninot keeps on functioning as an important focal point for the community of L'Antiga Esquerra. On the nearby site, the proposition inserts itself as a discreet presence, completely subordinated, formally and functionally, to the architectural and social significance of the built environment. The project helps to balance the volumetrical composition of the urban block through the insertion of a built volume, equivalent to the main mass-dominant building on the South-Western border of the site. It also suggests permeability as a core value, both in morphogenesis and in the functional organization of the project. The proposition consists of three components. The first one is represented by the available space at the ground floor and mezzanine level of the building on the South-Western border, an apartment building, that has been converted into a co-working space. The second component is the volume added on the opposite limit of the site, which holds the formative and educative area of the project. The last component consists of an underground wing, inserted between the two previously mentioned ones, that represents the core of the project. The urban square above it works as a so-called "red carpet" that mediates the communication between the posterior façade of the food market and the street. Thus, the project appeals to Cerda's ideal of the open urban bloc, hosting inside it a communal core. The ludoteca, or the community center, aims to complete the social vocation of the food market and to reinforce the community spirit through architectural programs concerning education, culture, and the preservation of a civic spirit.

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