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C.U.B. Urban revitalization through social inclusion and cultural diversity

C.U.B. Urban revitalization through social inclusion and cultural diversity

Authors: Adriana Maria Popa

Tutor: Marian Moiceanu

Authors’ Comment

This project treats the heterogeneity of urban fabric and the existence of a large
resource of fragmented space. It is proposed to develop in the sustainable sense a
multifunctional ensemble to be transformed from urban gap to urban pol and to take over the
cultural exchange present in the area.Everyone in the world irrespective of age, background or status invariably use public
spaces. In some cities the general attitude towards the importance of public space had been
neglected by many and almost considered merely as gaps between buildings.
This is the case of Bucharest city also, a city with people that doesn’t know what
public space should mean and how it should work. That why, in order for cities to be vibrant
and safe places, we need to think of them as systems of interdependent parts and complex
connections, as interactive and social spaces. CUB project speaks about public spaces as a toll
used for the revitalization of an urban pole, affected at this time by social indifference and
functional dysfunction. That why, in this proposal the public space represents a space that
people dont just use as a transitional space to pass by but a space that tempts people to slow
down or stop and experience the place.

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