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Drama Memorial

Drama Memorial

Authors: arh. Alexandru Barat

sef lucr. arh. Alexandra Afrasinei
conf. dr. arh. Maria Enache

Authors’ Comment

Behind any architectural intervention there is or should be a research-based endeavour that aims to provide a deep understanding of the context; because it exists or should exist regardless of the will of the architect. The nature of the present is always determined by a “yesterday”, that is, by a past that we look into in order to find answers to the questions we pose in our undertakings. The search for the most suitable architectural gesture begins with an inquiry. An inquiry that reveals more uncertainties, until everything comes together. It is intuition that leads to an (architectural) answer; the latter comes as a material form of the point in the journey, and can always be challenged, as it bears the mark of the subjectivity of the interpretation. This inevitably puts the answer under the sign of possibility rather than certainty. The existing context therefore influences the architectural object which will in turn be influenced by it. Concerning usage and memory some places risk becoming “non-places” by being forgotten, unused or even disappearing. Geamăna village is one of them, and this project aims to unveil a potential future for it, and if not its own, at least of the elements that keeps it alive - its memory.
Walking on the path of intuition, the diploma project will save at least a piece of Geamăna, if not by concrete realization, at least by intention whilst raising some problems of moral nature. The route goes beyond the project acquiring a metaphysical significance; it represents a way of discovering deep facets of architecture, beyond function and form, for the architect at the beginning of the road.

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