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Elca Market Square, Craiova

Elca Market Square, Craiova

Authors: arh. Buzatu Razvan

Tutor: prof.arh. Daniela Rădulescu-Andronic

Authors’ Comment

The chosen program is a theme that aims to revitalize an area not valued until now, that was functioning until 2018 as the Old Square or Elca Square. At the same time studying the development and configuration of this notion over time it is essential to understand the current functionality of this program. The notion of "Market" retains its character as a social and commercial attraction, but now a new feature is added, namely the cultural one. Therefore, the "Square" becomes a functional mix that includes leisure spaces, commercial spaces and creative spaces.
The chosen theme represents the structuring of a modern vision for the area defined as the Historical Center of Craiova, a protected heritage area; a vision supported by the design of an architectural insertion, determined by the resonance between traditional values and urban challenges.
This historical nucleus of the city constitutes a fragile territory, with
picturesque spaces, but also some indifferent ones, free of constructions, demolished or in the process of being demolished. In 2015, a project was implemented, that aimed at transforming the streets into pedestrian alleys and restoring all the buildings in the central area. The project had a strong impact on the city, which further allows the development of the central area. Overall, the new spatiality has become a network, an articulation of transitional areas, with forms, routes and cultural-tourist passages.
Therefore, the present project defines an urban center that will be able to function as a main point of development in the functional matrix of the city of Craiova. From an urban-architectural perspective, by implementing this kind of project, more fluency is achieved in the urban landscape of the central area.

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