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Extention of Public School of Arts and Crafts

Extention of Public School of Arts and Crafts

Authors: Eugen Burlacu

Tutor: Conf. Dr. Arh. Duda Maria

Authors’ Comment

The site of this project is located on Cuza Vodă Street, near Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard, an area characterized mainly by a traditional street network, but pierced by a socialist systematization that denies the history of the place.
This old representative area of ​​Bucharest was defined by the nearness of two industrial areas, Lânăriei and Tăbăcăriei, which were related to the residences of those who work here. These two areas were violently separated by tracing the North-South diameter, materialized by Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard.
In this way, were created conflicts between the curtain of apartments buildings from the boulevard and the individual low height rise houses, there being nothing between them to mediate these discrepancies, a situation that is, moreover, common in Bucharest.
The opportunity to extend the current Bucharest School of Arts and transform it into a center where those who aspire to become artists meet and collaborate effectively with those who learn crafts, in the form of an interdisciplinary hub, that could bring some public activities behind the curtain of blocks, having the purpose to mediate the coexistence in the area, in an attempt to mediate the conflict created by the amputation of the identity of an area with personality.

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