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Terry Winery, Dragasani

Terry Winery, Dragasani

Authors: Andreea Alexandra Duțu

Tutor: dr. arh. Remus Hârșan; Dragoș Marcu

Authors’ Comment

The program is a topic that aims to study the context of wineries and their correlation with the landscape, the aesthetics of contemporary architecture and technological trends. The 2000s show a progress in the viticultural field, marked by the increasingly nuanced appearance of oenological tourism in our country.
The magnitude of this type of tourism generates new projects at county, regional and national level, both by the appearance of several wineries and by the formation of routes called: Wine Road, routes that group wineries in a particular region.
These aspects can also be found in the case of the Oltenia region, where the starting point of the implementation of such a project is the City of Drăgășani.
However, the Drăgășani Wine Road is currently insufficiently developed and therefore, by implementing such a program, it is desired to continue the project, so that a clear route can be made for tourists interested in the viticultural field.
The ambition of the current owners of wineries in the area is to promote the prestige of a well-known brand and to turn the current industrial facility into a catalyst for culture, tourism and research.
In this context, in order to recover this tradition and, therefore, the development of the chosen area, it is necessary to highlight the aspects through which the winery program, related to contemporary trends, broadens its horizon of interest, becoming a contributor to the development of traditional settlements. wine. In other words, the project tries to highlight the importance of the existence of wineries, starting from their strictly functional role and reaching the possibility of

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