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Cișmigiu Apartment

București, România
Authors: arch. Bogdan - Nicolae Ciocodeică, arch. Diana - Maria Roșu / Bogdan Ciocodeică
Collaborators: OurDesign (mobilier personalizat)

Authors’ Comment

Located in the heart of Bucharest, near the Cișmigiu Park, the apartment was design as the ultimate bachelor pad. The interior is defined by clean lines, industrial touches and a minimalist, almost Spartan approach to the whole concept.
The space is fluid and communicates throughout the entire home. The separation is made with sliding doors. The kitchen is separated from the living room with a metal and glass mobile wall. The use of translucent glass ensures a more intimate transition between the spaces but at the same time letting the light flow freely.
The living area design is the result of the functional scheme, using just the necessary amount of furniture. Simple lines and a soft color scheme with just a few contrasting patches highlight the concrete ceiling.
The lights are design to focus on different parts of the room, according to the use of the space in a certain moment creating different moods.
The bedroom continues the minimalist lines, in accordance with the entire apartment. The concrete wall and the wood panels define a rich and diverse texture all around. Functionally the bedroom offers generous storage space hidden behind the wall panels.

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