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București, România
Authors: arch. Ilinca Maican, arch. Anca Maria Păsărin-Ferreira-Garcia De Almeida / Architecture to Measure
Collaborators: Dragos Costache

Authors’ Comment

The intervention consists of furnishing a bedroom for a five-year old girl.
The girl’s brief was simple and clear – a tall bed, an extra bed for pyjgama parties and a place dedicated for reading. The parents were concerned about the practical issues such as ample storage space and the girl’s physical safety, big on climbing and exploring.
Thus, the built ensemble incorporates dedicated spaces for storing clothes, games, toys and books, a foldable desk and an extra bed for sleep-overs pyjama parties.
The choice of solid wood and the use of natural coloring pigments was a requirement to start with. The balance between keeping the wood fiber visible and cheering up the furniture through the use of colors has led to painting only certain elements used as accents.
The furniture is made up of four structurally independent parts: the storage space situated at the head of the bed, the high bed, the mobile unit with an extra bed and drawers, and the volume made up of the desk, the library and the play area. This composition is meant to allow in time for an easy evolution of the ensemble giving the possibility of replacing single elements as the child grows up.

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