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“Complexity of Belonging” by Falk Richter

Arad, jud. Arad, România
Author: arch. Irina Moscu / -

Authors’ Comment

I felt the need to bring Constantin Brâncuşi into the playground because he is a universal artist, and this can successfully bring together the theme of belonging ... Maybe the pain of not being recognized as worth in his own country and now millions of tourists visit his dedicated pavilion in the heart of Paris near the Pompidou Center is a proof of unconsciousness and ignorance of his own group / nation, right? It's sad...
The subject of seclusion, uprooting, the need to communicate, I found it as a metaphor materialized in The Table of Silence, the place where we lay our projections on this world. The need to be loved, to become one - he and she as a single being - as a symbol represented by The Gate of the Kiss. This are two representative art pieces, recontextualized in a broad discussion of belonging and "where is my place?".
These are not the only motivations of this choice, the rest remains to be discovered and felt during the show ...

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