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Double Game

București, România
Authors: arch. Ilinca Maican, arch. Anca Maria Păsărin-Ferreira-Garcia De Almeida / Architecture to Measure

Authors’ Comment

In the current project we designed a sleeping and study room for two school girls aged 10 and 12 within a space of 9.8 sqm.
The tiny area had all but constrained us to use a bunk-bed solution. However, we had to do this in such a way as to avoid the feeling of claustophobia given by the relatively low ceiling. We used an L-shaped configuration which allowed for a shorter distance between the beds, a larger one from the ceiling and for better use of the space beneath each bed. Having the desk face the window was an important requisite of the parents as was that each girl should feel confortable. On the other hand, given their age, the girls wanted both to be able to play and study together and to have their private nook, as well as equal and separate storage. No corner was left to chance in order to manage to accomodate all the required areas and to still have an airy and bright room.
We worked closely both with the two girls who actively negotiated storage and colors, and with the craftsmen to ensure that all the mechanisms and mobile units work perfectly.

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