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  • Nomination for the “Interior Design” section

Art Safari Bucharest 2017 Exhibition Design

București, România
Authors: arch. Ioana Corbu, arch. Vladimir Nicula / IC Studio & VNBIA
Collaborators: fotografii Vlad Eftenie

Authors’ Comment

The 4th edition of Art Safari Bucharest 2017 is held yet in another representative building of our city – the Kretzulescu Galleries, an honorable architectural presence of the old cityscape. Designed in the mid ‘30s by G.M. Cantacuzino, the building impressed us by its elegant and discreet appearance, by its well proportioned facades, the intimate portico and last, but certainly not least, the coherent inner spaces. The goal to prepare and arrange such an important event, which this year spans over 5 weeks, meant to search and find a well suited equilibrium between old and new, a generic theme for any refurbishment, but nevertheless always challenging.
Our vision was to refer to the building as one of the main characters of the Art Safari Pavilion. Thus, the design followed a concept targeted on two goals:
1. to provide a temporary scenery for the event;
2. to bring attention on the building for both its historical stages (before 1947 and up to 1989)
A series of surprising images, such as the particular texture of the uncovered walls, the pattern of the floors brought to light after dismantling the raised floor, the black & white ceramic tiles found in the old bathrooms and, last but not least, the “dark room”, all provide several of the main landmarks of the intervention along the visitors path.

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