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  • Prize of the “Interior Design” section

Marshalling Yard

București, România
Authors: arch. George-Octavian Marinescu, arch. Maria Daria Oancea / Atelier Ad Hoc
Collaborators: Coordonator expozitie MNAC : Irina Radu

Authors’ Comment

During the operation of reorganizing its storage spaces, the museum reassembles its collection at the ground floor exhibition spaces inside the former 'Palace of Ceausescu'.
The first room makes up for the lack of a proper museum foyer through the construction of a amphitheatre as main debate and exhibition space while the second room, known as the marble room, is a cluttered depository containing artworks of various sizes and types.
A modular timber frame storage system is constructed and replicated to create the support-structures needed for the marshalling yard, maintaining a sense of nonhierarchical variety in the display of the artworks. The wooden framework is designed to fit pallets and defines a series of spaces where art pieces are displayed.
The spatial setting remains open to changes and to a general circulation of artworks between the warehouses and the exhibition spaces during a one year process. The layout mediates the multiple instances of the marshalling yard: a workplace - for the maintenance and registration done by museum staff, a gathering space - used for public events, an exhibition space - for general museum visitors and a depository - providing a frame for displaying the accumulation of artifacts gathered by various state institutions.

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