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Little House in the Meadow

cluj, jud. Cluj, România
Authors: arch. Ilinca Maican, arch. Anca Maria Păsărin-Ferreira-Garcia De Almeida / Architecture to Measure SRL

Authors’ Comment

In working with this family involving the small beneficiary held a central place in the development of the project. For the parents it was very important that she has a proper room according with her personality and with the activities that please her. Since her desire was to have a house in the woods, we approached the topic in a metaphoric, the less descriptive manner possible, not loaded with characters and direct references, in order to give her the space to personalize her place as she wishes.
We came up with a tailor-made proposal that is at the same time compact, leaving more room in the center of the room, but also ample enough to accommodate all the desired activities and hidden places.
Because the requirements were very specific we opted to use fully custom made furniture. We went for a minimalist design using natural shades and colorful accents. We paid attention that the drawing of the massive ash wood would remain fair faced using a natural finish of chalk wax and water-based colors.
What we enjoyed most at the end of the project was the stuttering reaction of the girl, the invasion of space by her younger brother, and the fact that this room became the meeting and playground spot of their friends and colleagues.

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