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Three apartment buildings in Lausanne

Lausanne, Elvetia
Author: arch. Iulius Cristea / Cristea Arhitectura
Collaborators: stud. arh. Alexandru Marian Dinu, stud. arh. Razvan Ionut Drinceanu, stud. arh. Cosmina Stanculescu, stud. arh. Dragos Cristian Tigau

Authors’ Comment

Situated at the edge of Lausanne, Switzerland, the sloppy land plot is surrounded by a medium dense housing area to the south and agricultural land to the north. The three buildings, with a common basement, ground floor and six upper floors form an ensemble meant to remain the city limit. The 90 apartments required by the programme are to be built in the south-western half of the plot, the rest of the land remaining vegetal. The relative density of the ensemble is balanced by the open views to a very valuable landscape. The pedestrian path along the south and eastern sides of the land is maintained. The urban morphology derives from the original build-able volume, cut by two biased openings towards the landscape. If the limits of the buildings to the housing sides follow the limits of the plot, to the other side the composition is freer. The basement shelters a parking, the ground floor some common activities and the upper floors are designated to the apartments.

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