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Pro Vatra Museum

București, România
Authors: arch. Luca - Matei Stoian, arch. Alexandra Dana Mărășescu / M.N.G. ART

Authors’ Comment

The project Museum Pro Vatra represents a vision which aims at transforming a building from the Vatra Luminoasă protected area, building that has not undergone major changes, in a museum a permanently space, a free continuous information space about the outstanding architectural characteristics forming this urban space, a creative community space.
Pro Vatra Museum, the central element of the concept, will become a great monument of architecture, a very good formal example of Romanian modern movement. The museum will encompass two zones , an interactive museum and a meeting space for the community, a recreation space, promoting significant values of our capital.
The archive, the information center, space for small cultural events , book launches , art contests, presentations of architectural projects, all will be extremely important for the future development of the community.

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