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Bauhaus Museum

Dessau-Roßlau, Germania
Authors: arch. Ștefan Firimiță, arch. Anamaria Andrițoiu, arch. Simona Meilescu, arch. Adrian Șandor / Atelier Arhitectură Firimiță

Authors’ Comment

Dessau represents an important part of Bauhaus history and attracts every year over a hundred thousand tourists. Celebrating the centenary, Bauhaus Foundation decided to build a museum that will present the entire collection to the public in the best environment.
Creating the new Bauhaus museum we wanted to describe spaces, people and social aspects, past and future; we want to create spaces, not architecture; we want to feel and touch Bauhaus workshops; we want to emphasize its’ creative nature. The museum’s architecture becomes a background for the Bauhaus movement and the outside park becomes a map with textured pathways around the different sculptures and trees that evoke the city’s history.
The interior spaces of the museum are buried because we don’t what a building, we need an entrance. We didn’t want to create a barrier between the city and the park and therefore the museum’s buildings become the vertical magnets spread along the eastern part of the park. The main entrance becomes a mechanism. This mobile component transforms its’ shape acting on the different events and needs of the museum. The entire exposition is divided in prologue and six themes/topos which cover the entire Bauhaus experience: Inventor’s Space, Factory, Shop, Museum, School and Clubhouse.

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