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Senior Recreation Center

București, România
Authors: arch. Luca - Matei Stoian, arch. Alexandra Dana Mărășescu / M.N.G. ART

Authors’ Comment

Senior Recreation Center represents a vision , an innovative concept in the field of research, prevention and treatment of specific problems of the elderly and involves active participation of the community .
Thanks to a favorable location, without urban noises, with great access to Lake Plumbuita , Senior Recreation Center offers outstanding recreational facilities for both personal and collective needs, being a center of excellence in treating specific areas while providing comfort for seniors accommodation .
Representative functions as: healthcare, restaurant, workshops, library, accommodation area , indoor gardens combine perfectly with each other because of thorough architectural solutions and perfect material quality aesthetic. The indoor environment is in a direct and very good relationship with the outside natural landscape due to its glass facades.
Senior Recreation Center is a personal and intimate space which, through its transparency, offers at the same time the opportunity to interact with the natural environment, which physically and mentally is extremely beneficial for seniors.

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