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BEGA Business Centre

Timisoara, jud. Timiș, România
Authors: arch. Teodora Babătă – Sef de proiect, arch. Ciprian Mateescu – Proiectant specialitate arhitectura, arch. Irina Ferche, arch. Berta Lihet, arch. Georgiana Parvu, arch. Olga Posedaru, arch. Alina Diana Dinu (Gaiu), arch. Laura Tanasiuc / S.C. CONCRETE & DESIGN SOLUTIONS S.R.L.
Collaborators: Structura:
eng Alina Maria Ionescu
eng Catalin Moisa
eng Marius Alecu

Proiectant general: OPTIM PM

Authors’ Comment

The building consists of a main volume bar type (S + P + 7 + Et), the predominant function of office and developed horizontally volume (S + P + 1) equipped with commercial spaces on the ground floor.
Volumetric main body (S + P + 7 + Et), is marked by a diagonal on each facade, withdrawal defined by glass surfaces in the plane, the two planes being treated different color. The difference between the two plans facade is marked by the introduction of balconies on each floor, next to each withdrawal.
In the basement is an underground parking provided P2 type (121 cars) where access is restricted LPG cars, configured so that the provisions NP 127, NP 24 and NP 25 are respected. TEG rooms, transformer station and genset are located on the west side of the basement with easy access from the outside via a metal hatch from the outer platform. The building is equipped with civil protection shelter

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