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Holiday house for an extensive family

Breaza, jud. Prahova, România
Author: arch. Cristian Mihu / Cristian Mihu Birou Individual de Arhitectură
Collaborators: arh. Adrian Mihăescu, ing. Nicolae Brotea, ing. Alexandru Melilță, ing. Bogdan Popescu, ing. Mihai Dumitrescu

Authors’ Comment

The holiday house was designed for two young families with children and a couple of grandparents. The dwelling could be used both alternatively during the weekends and simultaneously, being able to accommodate all 11 persons of the extended family.
The design employed high quality construction materials and contemporary building techniques. There were added punctually visual elements reinterpreting the popular tradition: a strong-impact roof, volume accents inspired by the traditional architecture’s mirador, the covered terrace recalling a countryside porch.
The vertical distribution of the house functions aimed at creating common daytime spaces at the ground floor and placing the bedrooms of the young families in the mansard; the semi-basement contains secondary functions: wine cellar, heating plant space, children playing room and a small additional bedroom. For the grandparents, a studio apartment with separate entry is available in the ground floor. The bedrooms from the mansard are disposed around a large central hall functioning as well as a playing area during winter; it has a clear height up to 4.5 meter and is lightened through a large roof hatch.

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