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The future of Brno Centre

Brno, Republica Cehă
Authors: arch. Ștefan Firimiță, arch. Anamaria Andrițoiu, arch. Simona Meilescu, arch. Adrian Șandor / Atelier Arhitectură Firimiță

Authors’ Comment

Rather than placing the development of the Future of Brno Centre in s partly ideological, partly technical area of operation, we decided to place it in a critical historical context. History becomes to us not a clear-cut period in the past, but a total panoramic experience. Contradictory ideas – old vs new – act upon the context, so that they can contribute to the emergence of the new city centre. The positioning of buildings, spaces and routes are intended to optimize phased development. Our vision allows a sustainable development and a mixed used space highly influenced by academic environment, technology and culture. The street network encourages a green transport with many shared spaces that reduce traffic and enhance the visual quality of the new centre. Our proposal will transform the actual grey space into a vibrant area with ever changing public spaces interconnected by elements of texture and atmosphere. In the same time we tried to improve the quality of life and environment with: passive buildings, green spaces, energy reduction strategies, grey water recycling, rain water harvesting and by enlarging the river cross section that can handle the flood problems.

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