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The Data Centre and Administrative Building of the National Fiscal Administration Agency

București, România
Authors: arch. Ciprian Mateescu – Sef de Proiect, arch. Teodora Babătă, arch. Diana Mehic, arch. Irina Ferche, arch. Berta Lihet, arch. George Negoe, arch. Laura Tanasiuc / S.C. CONCRETE & DESIGN SOLUTIONS S.R.L.
Collaborators: s.c. Tahoma Bautrupp s.r.l.

Authors’ Comment

The building consists of a main volume bar type (2B + 7F + Et), paragraph bounded down the sides of Virtue Road and Splaiul Independence, retired towards the property limit.
To develop a building above ground level P + 7 with a local separation on the ground floor, near the bus heating protection, separation marked by a gang. At the underground level, influenced by the same protection zone, I propose two areas, each developed on two levels - an area with destination complementary office building (parking, shelter Civil Defence, kitchen, etc.), other suited for data center . Respecting the Protection of the subway, basement level 2, parking and civil defense shelter extending along the eastern land.
This corridor on the ground floor allows a clear separation between the data center and central office headquarters, in terms of functional and volumetric Thus, independent on the ground floor, with separate entrances, are integrated into a single building.
Taking advantage of the slope on the north-west of the land, the building is connected to the share 0.00 (ground floor) at the sidewalk and the roadway for the Road Virtue, while outside parking develops in the first basement

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