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the Urban Node

Authors: arch. Ovidiu-Andrei Lefter, arch. Alexandru-Tudor Gherman, arch. Dan Alexandru Bălinișteanu, arch. Alexandru Neagoe, arch. Daniel Costianu, Adrian Crisu / S.C. LEF Proiect S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

In this fast paced society time is the essence. New activities are requested by the consumers to be made available in order for it to become more attractive and thus, survive from a social and economic point of view.
Using technology as a mean to free up space and to make all kind of experiences more enjoyable and introducing other activities regarded as separate and as important instances rather than secondary to shopping, this new architectural space will take the old shopping center to the next level.
We had a conglomerate which needed to be shaped, refined and structured based on certain design rules. We decided to use the underground - Think of this building as an iceberg. Virtual technology is implemented throughout the entire mall making possible the manipulation of the virtual merchandise with just a pair of glasses or a smartphone – therefore making the shopping experience a lot more fun, a lot easier and more interactive while, in the same time, consuming no space at all, being all virtual. Review the clothes or accessories you are looking for with a flip of the finger, directly on you or your reflection, with the proper size, then have them delivered to you.

Architectural Visions and Architectural Research