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Cambodia 2015

Tonele Sap, Cambogia

Authors’ Comment

“Everything is connected. Everything is constantly in reaction to surrounding factors, everything works like an organism”- this was our motto in finding a solution for the Tonle Sap biosphere. Inspired by the Angkor Wat building complex, the project which was the competition’s runner up, is adapted to the main characteristics of the local Khmer cultural identity and to the water volume fluctuation between dry and rainy season.
For the 1.2 million people that call Tonle Sap their home, we propose a series of 6x6m modular bamboo structures. Each flexible structure is linked to another and has the ability to open up creating naturally ventilated spaces, sun shading and additional harbor platforms. The structures can be easily rearranged and replicated either in the center, or in the lake’s proximity to the mangrove forest.
The symbol of the intervention, a bamboo tower inspired by local fishing baskets acts as a signal, a meeting and debate area for the villagers or a briefing site for the tourists.
The proposed structure acts as an addition to the existing villages and provide minimal aid, research labs, public toilets and education for both inhabitants and tourists.

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