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  • Prize of the “Architectural Visions and Architectural Research” section (ex aequo)

Bucharest Dossier - instances of living and exchange

București, România
Authors: arch. George Marinescu, arch. Maria Daria Oancea / Atelier Ad Hoc
Collaborators: Confectii metalice: Vertigo Metal Design
Confectii textile: Asined Automotive

Authors’ Comment

Instances of survival and precarious living are recurent in Bucharest. Contested or ignored, the everyday instances of this local crysis remain in an ambigous area where 'at home' and 'in the street' became so close that the distinction disappears.
Inside a network of extended living that gathers places, people, insfrastructure, moments of opportunity and conflict situations, street people reside in tolerated, intremediary spaces, where economic and administrative pressure is weak.
Bucharest Dossier is an action based research of street practices that explores the city, property and public space as described by those who use the streets for shelter and means of survival. The collections of situations found on the street is organized throught five recourent practices - trash collecting, street commerce, book trading, rought sleeping, car parking. The exploration is followed by the construction of survival equipments that react to the self-formulated street tactics. the Shelter-Blanket, the Collector and the Flying Kitchenette are 3 of the structures that complement instances outside of the institutional city governance.

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