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The Sunken Garden of Berthelot Hotel’s Restaurant

Bucharest, România
Authors: arch. Ioana Corbu, Alexandra Henry Zabunov / I Love Colours Studio
Collaborators: arh. Amalia Țucă
arh. Alexandra Crețu

Authors’ Comment

The idea of “sunken garden” used for the interior design of the Berthelot Hotel’s restaurant introduces the green element of abundent vegetation as a means of counterbalancing the materials used to cover the space of the former terrace, like glass and metal. The interior of the new restaurant is fresh, comfortable and elegant, and manages to neutralize the possible uncomfortable feeling that might be triggered by the positioning of the space at semi-basement. partition wise, the newly created space is composed of a central distribution area, that connects the restaurant to the to the lobby area, a main restaurant space and a secondary space that was initially designed to be a smokers’ lounge. As for the hotel’s functioning, the client’s wish was that of enhacing accessibility towards the greater public, integrating the new restaurant in the urban network of leisure spaces. The attractiveness of the interior design results exactly from it’s very “weakness”: the conformation of the existing space. Thus, all the elements that were used in this project are, in overwhelming majority, made to order or modified from their original product range. The idea of bringing the nature inside the closed space of the restaurant is unshaken troughout every detail of this organic interior design, with fluid, round shapes.

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