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The UPC Offices in Budapest

Budapesta, Ungaria
Authors: arch. Ioana Corbu, Alexandra Henry Zabunov / I Love Colours Studio
Collaborators: arh. Amalia Țucă, arh. Alexandra Crețu

Authors’ Comment

When we say UPC we think of optic fiber and this lead us towards the design concept. considering the colors of the spectrum and the decomposition of white light through optical prism. Inspired by this image, we draw the image of the new UPC offices – a white background with accents of bright colors and organic shapes, soft, just like the waves of an internet cable. The meticulosity engaged in the process of optimizing the existent space is obvious if observing the impressive number of bespoke furniture objects that we designed. Although a flexible space, the new UPC office has a coherence that we achieved by identifying each departament with its own color, chosen from the customized UPC range. The 5317 sqm space, divided on three levels, was designed as a space that stimulates the interest of the UPC team and was conceived in order to “Discover Something Wonderful Each Day”. The fluid space was partitioned in work, reflection, co-working and play areas, encouraging the interaction between employees. And so, each floor consists in work desks, relaxation areas, cafeteria, meeting rooms that are programmed via intranet, informal meeting spaces, phonebooths for private calls, coffepoints, storage along with hot desks, storage, library and different types of other personalized areas.

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