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The archive as (non)hierarchical space

București, România
Authors: arch. George-Octavian Marinescu, arch. Maria Daria Oancea / Atelier Ad Hoc
Collaborators: Artist: Iosif Kiraly
Curator: Ruxandra Demetrescu
MNAC Coordonator: Alexandru Oberländer-Târnoveanu

Authors’ Comment

The density of Iosif Király’s predigital body of work describes phenomena representative of the current cultural context: the accumulation of information / data / works, their storage, circulation and exposure. The archive was begun in communism, continued and exposed later during the transition to capitalism and offers the opportunity to think of its proper space with duality - as both a hierarchical and non-hierarchical collection.
Placed in the symbol of Communism – the former House of the People - the exhibition illustrates different ways to display an archive, developed through a series of furniture objects that are related to various types of artworks - photographs with various formats, models, notebooks, prints , envelopes (mail-art network), slides and video projections are displayed at various heights and layouts.
The understanding of the exhibition is given by immaterial links of ideas, images, and individual observations that create a dialogue between small works (horizontally exposed) and large ones (exposed on the walls). The walk through the exhibition is free and open, offering varied ways of understanding the material, thus creating particular connections between distinct creation periods.

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