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Requiem by Matei Visniec

București, România
Author: arch. Irina Moscu
Collaborators: asistent scenografie: Iulia Gherghescu

Authors’ Comment

Against a backdrop of three levels scaffolding merged with penumbra, chic bistro entitled with humor „Chez Vichniec” is the place where the bodies of soldiers materialize in shop windows. Here, the „Death of the Fatherland”, scattered on three floors of metal scaffolding in the background of the scene, seem stuck in Purgatory. In the end, the ironic note disappears with the bohemian bistro, leaving instead a battlefield - the cemetery. During the show, specific references are permanently relativized, the Romanian soldiers in French decor, uniforms undergoing the chronological history of military conflicts of the twentieth century until today. In this space, seemingly harmless, the theme of war is updated, not fixing the events, but identifying contemporary issues.
The french bistro is a space metaphor. It is gradually disintegrating during the play, transforming into a battlefield, and finally, into a large cemetery. The zeppelins that levitates above the bistro space are a metaphor of war. They descend to earth and changes color when the floor bistro end up being the cemetery where soldiers are buried.

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