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Agamemnon by Rodrigo Garcia

Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, România
Author: arch. Irina Moscu

Authors’ Comment

Rodrigo Garcia practices a kind of post-absurd or post-post-absurd theater perfectly adapted to the realities of a world, a post industrial civilization totally subservient to boundless consumerism. A world where people run giddy, buy giddy, live giddy. For people like this the world is limited to concepts. Hope, tragedy, somewhere are given concepts, not unreal or surreal, given and nothing more, without foreseeing any rescue.
It is a show about fake people and fake living in a world where the only certainties are the supermarkets and hypermarkets, the KFC and Mc 'Donalds restaurants, excess purchasing and excessive running nowhere.
The abstract set design boundaries are not clearly defined, living room for the action to happen "somewhere" anywhere in the imagination of the viewer. The huge lighting objects illustrating the words hope and tragedy are the leitmotifs of the space, the play oscillating between these two states of being. The only realistic elements are the small props that become iconic images of consumerism.

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