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All’s good between us by Dorota Maslowska

București, România
Author: arch. Irina Moscu
Collaborators: asistent scenografie: Iulia Gherghescu

Authors’ Comment

In a chaotic, devastated landscape, somehow located outside of our logic lives a strange promiscuous population, oscillating between grotesque and sublime. But there is a convention (we discover it only at the end) that allows us to accept that the child's imagination and logic is allowed to be special. Especially when the child is nonexistent. The image of a landfill, fragments of a disused cinema, broken homes and bombed ruins are collected there. In this context the historical past of Poland is touching and humorous debated. The deeply kitsch characters become absolutely charming in this ramshackle frame. The wounds remain engraved in all layers of the material until the finest filigree of our soul.
The set captures the aesthetic of ugliness of the contemporary era uprooted society, the kitsch, the grotesque of seeking freedom and a better life. The decor is a metaphorical space where absolute chaos reigns. A room in which is hard to get in and from which is hard to get out of although its limits are not clearly defined. The characters appears from the most unexpected places and disappear in our imagination, leaving room for contemplation.

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