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The Lost Soundtrack of a Sunny Town

Braila, jud. Brăila, România
Author: arch. Irina Moscu
Collaborators: asistent scenografie: Elena Gheorge

Authors’ Comment

The solution for this set design came from the need to answer two distinct requirements: a interior scene (the home of an artist) and an outdoor stage (a lakeside).
The action of the play takes place in the minimalist house of a famous theatre director. This house is located on a white sand beach. Above the house, at the front lip of the construction, is an asymmetrical perforated projection screen that creates the illusion of a one-storey house. The changing of the interior scene with the exterior is achieved inside the house by reaching the screen down below, obturating the house completely. Through the perforated screen areas we can see little bits of home. The change of the scenery is performed during this time. The aseptic whitespace is invaded by nature. The screen rises and now we are on a lakeside.
Both the decor, the furniture and fixtures are white. There is an emphasis of red and black color that break the aseptic rigor of the space. The white space becomes a great setting to crop the colorful costumes of the characters.

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