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Together yet apart

București, România
Author: arch. Daniela - Cristina Crăciunoiu / Studio Crom Monocrom
Collaborators: Foto: Tudor Prisăcariu / Franz Galo

Authors’ Comment

Design theme – the interior design of part of the parental house built at the beginning of 2000, for the child that is no longer a child, without bringing alterations to the house.
The Result – a two room apartment, with an open plan kitchen living room layout.
The heart of the house is the uncovered existing brick wall. The visual separation between the living room and the eating area and kitchen was meant to be fluid and transparent, the proposed solution being that of glass plant pots, combined with kokedama style moss balls.
Two massive wooden doors from the end of the XIXth century, a metal sliding system and a reused wooden beam separate the living room from the bedroom.
At first, you could not find a white wall in the entire house, they were either yellow, or brick-red. As a result, white was a preferred colour from the beginning, especially since the space is not that well naturally illuminated. Exception to this are the black bathroom and the wall that greets you in the bedroom.

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