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Loft in Cotroceni

București, România
Author: arch. Florin Alexandrescu / Avangarda s.r.l.

Authors’ Comment

Designed and built in 2000 and refurbished in 2015 by the same author, the loft developed on the first and the second floor of the apartment building located in Cotroceni - occupied by the architect and his family - is first of all, a challenge of the architect to reissue the modernist interiors of the period between the first and the second world war.
The space develops on two levels: on the first one there is the acces – made through a cylindrical staircase, that forms the accent of the volume of the bulding, a specific element of the houses of 2 to 3 levels in the Cotroceni area. Here also, there are developed the main functions arranged in positions that for the bathrooms and the kitchen are dictated by the mandatory placement of the sewerage pipes. With all imposed restrictions on an extention of an 80 years old building, after the structure reinforcement, the result is a dominant space, continuous and containing the functions of reception, living, dining and kitchen, developed in a natural order. Separed by the interior staircase that goes to the upper level there are placed the children bedrooms, out of wich one has a separated access through the service staircase.
The upper level contains the master bedroom that opens to the planted terrace.

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