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Outside in

București, România
Authors: Andrei Oproiu, arch. Alexandru Dragos Fodoreanu / Square Studio Architecture

Authors’ Comment

Outside in. Loft. Central area of the metropolis Bucharest. Urban density.
The apartment is located in a 4 story building without it’s own intimate space – the garden. The open space of the first level - the living area, consists of the kitchen, guest bathroom, dining area and living room. On the second floor you cand find two bedrooms, each with their private bathroom. The master bedroom consists of a sleeping area, dressing room, open bathroom (with bathtub, shower and washbasins) and a separate room for a toilet and bidet.
The design of the entire space responds to the user’s needs of bringing nature inside the home. The concept is based on the ideea of using materials in their raw state, integrating them inside the home. The colors, materials and textures in their natural state are found everywhere around us: wood, brick, concrete, stone, metal and glass. The central garden and the fireplace peripherically located strengthens the presence of nature inside the house, bringing together the four sacred elements: earth, fire, water and air.

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