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Interior design of an architectural office

București, România
Authors: arch. Vlad Boștină, arch. Daniela Boștină, arch. Simona Iștoc / Arhi Dot Design srl
Collaborators: FRONTE DESIGN ( executie mobilier)
LEVEL TV SISTEM (executie instalatii)

Authors’ Comment

We wanted an unconventional and manageable space, where we’ll feel more at home, providing a direct contact with the street. Thus, we’ve decided to set our office in a 22 square meters garage (used for storage), on the ground floor of a 60’s building in Cotroceni, recovering a forgotten space at the same time.
With a single room only, everything was designed with maximum efficiency. Without the cramped space feeling, we wanted to integrate all the necessary utilities, a working area, a meeting / dining room.
Besides the exterior glazing, the space finishing interventions were minimal (straightening and epoxy covering the floor). We have paid a special atention on the installations, to solve all the necessary equipment with low consumption. But what really transformed the space was the furnishing. Basically, the unfinished walls are "dressed" in big pieces of furniture or cladding, including the ceiling. We wanted a very flexible space, which can be easily transformed depending on our needs. The closed furniture cabinets disguise all facilities - toilet, technical room, kitchen, big storage etc.The independent pieces are modular and can be reconfigured in different ways.

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