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Alukönigstahl Showroom Interior Design

București, România
Authors: arch. Dorin Ștefan Adam, arch. Madalina Iftimi / S.C. MANADELUCRU S.R.L.
Collaborators: echipa santier:M&A Lucaexpertinstal S.R.L.
finisaje mobilier: Concrete Art Construct
iluminat: Atas, Theta
mobilier: Idezio, Intro
foto: Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

Schuco, a company whose main field of work is developing and producing metallic and PVC joints systems, asked us to renovate and remake the interior design of their showroom from Bucharest. The space is composed out of three major areas: the central one, 94sqm, serving as the expositional room, and two smaller, more private meeting areas - one for the staff and the company’s important presentations and sessions and the other one addressed to discussions with the clients.
Both horizontal surfaces – the floor and the ceiling- have been treated in the same manner, with the exception of the clients area where the original wooden parquet has been reconditioned and kept. The floors were covered in shiny light gray epoxy screed while in the matter of the ceiling, the concrete slab has been revealed, and painted black.
Despite the fact that same materials and colors were used for the entire space, as simple and clear as possible (white, black, gray), thanks to the lightning solutions the perception of the ambient in the three areas is different- the meeting room, dominated by a luminous truncated pyramid, becomes dark and serious, while the meeting areas are bright and extroverted.

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