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Diesel Social

București, România
Authors: arch. Raluca - Diana Niculică, arch. Adriana Popa, arch. Alexandru Ivanciu / MOKA STUDIO DESIGN
Collaborators: mobilier - Scavolini Store Bucharest by Modool
implementare - Atelier Moldoveanu
foto - Arthur Tintu

Authors’ Comment

Diesel Social is an extension of the Scavolini Store Bucharest Showroom, a dedicated space for corporate and private events.It is a small intimate space,easily accessible from the historical center.In a 19th century historical house,with 1 storey and an attic,the whole concept developed starting from a kitchen furniture line,designed by the Scavolini in collaboration with the designer Renzo Rosso-Diesel.The target was to create a pleasant space,flexible and suitable for any kind of private parties,brunch,presentations,culinary workshops.The brick walls,wood texture,reinforced glass and stainless steel components and also the metal mesh fences harmonize the industrial and reinterpreted vintage influences of the kitchen.Vegetation partially covers the metal fences completing the scenography of the open kitchen and dining area.Upstairs the design expands in a more brighter and cosy lounge area, which invites you to relaxation.The spiral staircase which has been part of the existing building since the beginning of the refurbishment represents now a colour accent, and also a transition element between the 2 main functional areas of the entire space,and it also generates the bar area.

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