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Interior design for “The Animal Farm” access pavilion

Pantelimon, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Maria Morariu, arch. Raluca - Diana Niculică / MOKA STUDIO DESIGN
Collaborators: Autori proiect arhitectură: OOPY ARHITECTURA - Arh. Vlad BÂRLĂDEĂNU, Arh. Octavia POPEEA, Arh. Iustin POPESCU, Arh. Ilinca MOROIANU, Arh. Andreea NAVÎRCĂ, Urb. Andrei A. NICOLAE, Arh. Alexandru MĂNTOIU, Ing. Mihail Gh. POPESCU
Fotografie de arhitectură: Valentin MIREA

Authors’ Comment

The interior design of " The Animals Farm" is a project where the cottage, rustic atmosphere, smell of wood and fresh air blend. In terms of ideas, the design came to reality as a traditional space rediscovered and recovered. Thus the former barn is renovated and converted into a space for events. multifunctionality and specific coexist as: dining room, store, kitchen with serving area, playground for children, administrative areas and toilets. The ensemble is dedicated both to farm visitors and to people who want to spent time in a picturesque area, away from the busy life.
The materials used for the interior were wood, glass, expanded metal sheet, and MDF for furniture. The room is airy, being a transit area between the outside and the farm.
The staircase is a special area that hosts an area for exotic birds – practically a part of the farm is brought from outside into the heart of the barn.

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