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Casa di David restaurant

București, România
Authors: Alex Adam, cond.arch Roger - Oliviu Pop, Adrian Brătescu, Otilia Sorete-Arbore, Georgiana Jipa, Carmen Corcoles, Bogdan Răducu / aastudio
Collaborators: Colaboratori: Arpi, Sav, Ralbi Development, Trivenus, Ragazzino 2009, Matcon, Martin Group Instal, Expert Doors and Windows, F.D stil, Titanmar, Huber, SSAB, Viabizzuno, EWD, COS, Ekero, Sensio, Intro
foto: Cornel Lazia

Authors’ Comment

Restaurant Casa di David’s interior design brings experiment and
innovation in the natural context of Herăstrău Park. The perception of the interior space relative to the park is dynamic insofar as it keeps a high degree of homogeneity and visual continuity achieved by the use of mobile glazed enclosures.The design follows the lines inspired by context of the nature, geometrical volumes, abstracted and simplified. Material textures such as wood,stone and marble are added to the design. The metal and corian are used as highlights for certain areas. The custom design consists of entirely fabricating such elements as the corian sinks,backlit wood as a wall finish or the lighting fixtures that can rotate depending on the position of the tables.The concrete floor has been used in traffic areas but in the restaurant hall it was replaced with carpet with a concrete texture. Lighting has an important role in this composition. There are two scenarios- indirect light that highlights the interior architecture and decorative punctual light in the dining area. Lastly, the technical side was hidden in illuminated alcoves for ventilation and under custom-made convector masks.

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