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Wilo and Hilti Classrooms Design

București, România
Author: arch. Ioana - Raluca Popescu / ZEST Collective
Collaborators: Stud. Arh. Florin Pîndici
Stud. Arh. Alin Stoica

Authors’ Comment

The classroom design projects for Hilti and Wilo are part of the University of Building Services strategy to improve the teaching conditions through partnerships with renowned companies in this field of expertise. Hilti, Rehau and Wilo are the three companies that have decided to invest in 3 classroms which have been refurnished, renovated and equipped as per the designs of The Zest Collective Archtiecture and Design Studio.
The Wilo classroom was the first one to be finalized in 2015. Because of the particular nature of this space – it has four columns in the center of the classroom – and despite the 175 sqm surface, the room can only accommodate 99 seats. Therefore, the seating is arranged dependent on the viewing angle. All the students must have visibility to the blackboard and projection screen.
The Hilti classroom was inaugurated in February 2016. The space contributes to the educational experience through the quality of the materials and furnishings and at the same time shows a few of the companies values. The Hilty seismic bracing systems frame the exhibition area which is representative for the classroom interior design.

Interior Design
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