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Student Housing

București, România
Author: arch. Răzvan Moșneag / OOPY Arhitetcura
Collaborators: Arh. Alexandru APRODU,
Arh. Alexandru MĂNTOIU, Arh. Roxana BÂRA,
Urb. Andrei NICOLAE, Arh. Octavia POPEEA, Arh. Iustin POPESCU
Fotografie arhitectură: Valentin MIREA

Authors’ Comment

The project proposes a dedicated interior design with industrial inspired design elements in order to create a fresh and dynamic image. The accommodations are completed by reading and study rooms, configured with balconies and withdrawn floors. These public spaces are traversing the interior of the building, in a spiral succession, generating a dynamic space, destinated to the students and their daily rhythm.
The plans with vibrant color, the finishings and the details of the stairs are in the same vein to create a fresh and dynamic atmosphere.
The parapets and the withdrawn floors made from metallic grate, inspired by industrial design, are elements of rhythm and expression that contribute to the entire assembly.
The project was an opportunity to create public spaces mixed with the student housing function. Reading and recreation areas are organized on two levels, accessible from the main circulation. This gives a surprising and fresh expression, inviting to the interior of the ensemble.

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