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Stairway to heaven - Imagine Dumbrava Vlăsiei competition

Balotești, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Victor Felix Mocanu, arch. Iuliana Coman / S.C. ARHISIMPLU S.R.L.

Authors’ Comment

The project was conceived for the "Imagine - Dumbrava Vlăsiei" architectural competition.
The concept is based on a functional recomposition attempt so that residents can enjoy the maximum of both the landscape and the green spaces available on the lot.
The starting point is represented by a classical division of all required spaces, on a single level, followed by the idea of extending the available green space on the plot - idea that generated the creation of a green roof in contact with the ground that evokes the symbiosis between man and nature.
The second matter we wanted to exploit was that of the favourable perspectives available from inside the house, thus we chose to lay out all the important spaces towards the scenery.
The resulting volume - the vertical shift and twisting of the spaces towards the rear of the lot facilitates a direct visual link towards the landscape. This volume that generates a patio that is partially open and semi-buried that offers the residents a cosy and intimate outside space.
Due to the progressive ascension of the functions within the building, we have chosen to call the concept "Stairway to Heaven".

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