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White Cruise Bar

Eforie Nord, jud. Constanța, România
Authors: arch. Ruxandra-Ioana Tonco, Alexandru Palcau, Mădalina - Mihaela Zaharia, arch. Elena Daniela Lazăr / Novelty AE
Collaborators: Structură: Marius Tănase
Instalații: Mihai Ghițoi

Authors’ Comment

The project’s purpose is extending the services offered to tourists of an existent hotel by building an additional pavillion.
The proposed building has dynamic and flowind elements and it aims to lend its visual identity to the existing construction and turn it into a landmark. The building will be comprised of two floors, both with large open terraces.
The ground floor houses all the necessary spaces for the outdoor terrace/ restaurant to work effectively. The outdoor restaurant area also includes a dedicated space for children.
The first floor will host two premium accomodation units that benefit from the large outdoor terraces where tourists can enjoy the seaside weather.

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